‘Concern’ for Whitney Thore as she hits online dating scene on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Whitney on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which tonight sees her go on a date
Whitney on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, which tonight sees her go on a date with a guy called Nathan

Whitney Thore is back on the market and hits the dating scene on this week’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

But according to TLC a new type of suitor raises “ample concern” for the reality star.

According to People, Whitney added a pic of herself in a bikini to her dating profile because she wanted people “to know what they’re getting”.

Earlier this season she confided in her mom Babs that she didn’t think she’d be single if she wasn’t fat.

When she eventually goes on a date to a salsa class this week with a guy called Nathan she gets a serious bout of nerves, US Weekly reports.

But he calms them down by bringing her a bunch of flowers and turns out to be a nice guy — although they don’t have the same tastes in music.

Whitney hitting the dating scene follows her split from long-term boyfriend Lenny Alehat last year, before the trauma at the start of this season where she thought she was pregnant (although it turned out she wasn’t).

It also comes after she experimented with her sexuality when she kissed her female friend Amanda — which she said was the best kiss she’s ever had.

Also on this week’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney challenges the Trophy Wives to a dance battle rematch after last week’s contest.

The challenge comes after Whitney discovered what scores the judges gave her by getting her hands on the scorecards.

They showed that while two of the three judges rated her and her Big Girl Dance Class highly, one gave her abnormally low scores.

Meanwhile, also on this episode Whitney and Buddy prepare to take part in a fitness contest which gets rocked by a bombshell from Will.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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