Cody and Danielle’s intimacy issues threaten to derail them on Married at First Sight

Close-up shot of Cody's head from Married at First Sight as he lies in bed staring into space
Cody stares into space as he and Danielle discuss their intimacy on Married at First Sight

Cody Knapek holding back from any intimacy with new wife Danielle DeGroot threatens to derail their relationship on tonight’s Married at First Sight.

The episode sees the MAFS Season 5 couples head home and look around each other’s homes as they try to figure out where to live.

It emerges that Cody has never lived with a girl in his life, and he seems worried about how things will work out.

Things have been pretty awkward between the pair with Cody saying he doesn’t want to force anything when it comes to them having sex.

But Danielle has made it blatantly clear — at least to viewers — that she is ready to take their relationship to the next step, and that she really likes him.

As the pair bed in for the night, footage shows Cody telling Danielle: “I guess my wish was to hold back a little bit.”

Danielle says the pair keep going “in circles” around the issue and that they’ve “talked it to death”.

She then looks upset as she tells producers in a solo interview: “I don’t know what the future is going to hold.”

Meanwhile, when Anthony D’Amico gets a tour around Ashley Petta’s home he is stunned at some of her living habits — including keeping shoes in the kitchen cabinets.

The pair admitted that they have been enjoying lots of sex together last week.

But what will the future hold for Sheila Downs and Nate Duhon after their drama last week where she stormed off in tears?

Married at First Sight airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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