Claudia Jordan gives Kim Mattina ‘the read’ in a Deal or No Deal Island trailer

Claudia Jordan and Kim Mattina from Deal or No Deal Island.
Claudia Jordan gives Kim Mattina what she calls ‘the read’ in an upcoming episode of Deal of No Deal Island. Pic credit: ©

Claudia Jordan doesn’t hold back on Deal or No Deal Island and isn’t afraid to tell people exactly what she thinks of them.

In an upcoming spoiler for the next episode, Claudia gives another contestant a harsh “read,” as she called it.

Deal or No Deal Island is part Survivor, part Big Brother, and part Deal or No Deal, where anything can happen.

Since people get chosen to be thrown off the island, it is important to make friends and alliances, not enemies. Claudia seems to have had enough and doesn’t care. Kim Mattina is an enemy.

Kim, 63, is an Air Force veteran who has also survived skin cancer, according to the Journal Star, and has been playing a sneaky game, says Claudia.

In a clip Claudia shares on her Instagram, the next episode has her telling Kim exactly how she feels about her. Claudia captioned it, “The read.”

Claudia calls Kim a ‘snake’ in the Deal or No Deal Island trailer

In the shown clip, Joe Manganiello, the host, looks down and gets out of Claudia’s way as she lets Kim have it.

Claudia says Kim constantly “fakes cries,” calling her a “snake.” Claudia is upset with her because she always needs help and then backstabs others after she gets it.

Kim tells Claudia, “I have nothing to say to you.” Claudia slays with her final remarks, “I won’t think of you ever again.”

Boston Rob and Miranda Rose Harrison are seen in the clip’s background. Miranda posted on Claudia’s Instagram to express her support.

Miranda says, “Not me cheering in the back…”

Claudia confirms, “Haha, you and Rob were cheering while others looked nervous…”

Fans of Claudia Jordan post on Instagram.
Miranda Rose Harrison responds to Claudia Jordan. Pic credit: @claudiajordan/Instagram.

One of Kim’s supporters speaks out on her behalf on Instagram

Not everyone agrees with Claudia, and a fan supported Kim on the post.

She said, “Kim is an incredible and amazing woman. Game aside, you are lucky to have met such a genuine person, and I hope game stays game.”

Claudia is staying salty. She returned with, “Ummm, what u telling me that for? Go tell her on her page.” She then sent her running with an emoji.

One other fan said, “HAAA…I can’t with you, Claudia!!! I’m rolling!!”

Fans of Claudia Jordan post on Instagram.
A fan claps back at Claudia Jordan over Kim Mattina. Pic credit: @claudiajordan/Instagram.

With Claudia’s clip, the next episode looked like a must-watch for show fans. It is a good mix of drama and the chances of winning millions of dollars. What’s not to love?

Deal or No Deal Island airs on Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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