Civil War link as The Dead Files investigates violent Florida poltergeist

The Dead Files
Amy and Steve from The Dead Files head to Florida

This week The Dead Files heads to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, where they investigate a violent poltergeist.

This week medium Amy Allan and former homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi are headed down to Florida where a family is under attack from an aggressive paranormal force.

Santa Rosa Beach
Santa Rosa Beach is harbouring something dark

Steve’s investigation soon discovers that a nearby graveyard that could be the source of the disturbance. He also turns up some evidence that a former owner took part in the Civil War and had a somewhat tragic tale.

Amy is disturbed by the feelings she picks up and comes to the conclusion that there is a very angry entity in the house and a powerful one at that.

Last week the pair tried to help a family who were really going through the mill, eventually having to sell up.

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