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Circadian Optics on Shark Tank: Bright light therapy lamps can help turn on your day

Circadian Optics on Shark Tank
Amber Leong presents Circadian Optics on Shark Tank. Pic credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

On the next episode of Shark Tank, Amber Leong is hoping that the sharks will want to bite on her business, Circadian Optics. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this company brings bright light therapy to those homes of those who just need a little extra energy.

It’s no secret that the human body needs sunlight in order to thrive. In fact, studies have proven that Seasonal Affective Disorder, aka SAD or the wintertime blues, is a real thing.

One of the ways to combat the lack of energy and overall down feeling that many people experience in the winter or when their circadian rhythms are off is to use light therapy.

Circadian Optics is solving our wintertime blues and they are doing it in style. Bright light lamps at Circadian Optics are made with design in mind, allowing those who need light therapy to get their daily dose of sunlight, at just the right time of day, by way of a beautiful lamp that becomes a part of the decor.

Those looking for a sunlight solution might be surprised to learn that Circadian Optics bright light lamps aren’t pricey either. With options running from $44.99 to $69.99, there are several styles to choose from. They range from compact and basic to large and decorative.

But they all work to restore a person’s natural circadian rhythms, which help regulate energy, hormones, sleep, metabolism and more.

Circadian Optics has good reviews both on their own website and on Amazon. Out of five stars, the bright light lamps come in at 4.4 stars on their own site and 4.3 stars on Amazon, meaning that they have serviced many happy customers with more than 800 reviews on the Lumos 2.0 lamp alone.

Those who see Circadian Optics and wish to purchase a bright light lamp of their own are in luck. In celebration of their Shark Tank appearance, Leong has offered up a deal to viewers. All orders placed before October 8 can receive $6 off any lamp and will get free shipping using the code SHARKTANK6.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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