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Chuck accuses Big Chief of ‘playing games’ as pair clash on Street Outlaws

Chuck screaming at Big Chief on Street Outlaws
Chuck accuses Big Chief of “playing games” on this week’s Street Outlaws

Chuck and Big Chief fall out big-style during the final list race of the season on this week’s Street Outlaws — after Chuck accuses Big Chief of “playing games”.

Everyone is hoping to make one final push for the top spot as the season draws to a close, with Chuck in the top spot followed by Murder Nova in second, Monza in third and Big Chief in fourth going into the race.

Big Chief and Murder Nova talked tactics earlier in the season and made plans for how they could get to the top of the table.

Big Chief admits on this week’s episode he can’t help but be competitive and will do whatever it takes — almost — to win. He says: “I am so competitive I can’t be graded on the same scale as other humans.”

He and Chuck have a longtime friendship thanks to their shared love of street-racing. But when the pair go head-to-head on this week’s, things don’t end well.

Chuck says: “I felt like there was games being played.”

As the pair clash, Big Chief tells Chuck: “Don’t put me in this situation dude.”

Chuck then hits back, feeling that he’s been dealt an unfair hand. He screams at the top of his voice: “There’s no reason to play f***ing games!”

He then storms off, as Big Chief calls after him: “20-year friends don’t walk away man!”

Also on this week’s episode, titled Street Fightin’ Man, some of the big players on the list don’t bring their cars on race night.

And plans to move up the list don’t end up as planned for both Chief and Doc.

Street Outlaws airs Mondays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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