Huge fight on Little Women: Couples Retreat premiere leaves Christy Gibel full of regret

Christy Gibel talking on the Little Women LA: Couples Retreat and Lila Call and Tonya Banks fighting
Christy Gibel on the Little Women LA: Couples Retreat and, inset, Lila Call and Tonya Banks fight

The Little Women LA: Couples Retreat premiere ends in chaos tonight —  when Lila Call gets in a fight with Tonya Banks after calling her “monkey ass”.

A shocking preview for the show sees Tonya and Little Women: NY star Lila having a blowout fight that leaves Little Women co-star Christy Gibel full of regret.

At one point Tonya pushes Lila out of her chair after being repeatedly provoked.

The fight was pretty serious, with reports one of them ended up in hospital after suffering a minor head injury.

Call has struggled with alcohol abuse in the past, and had been drinking when the argument took place.

The altercation leaves Christy, who is a friend of Lila’s, telling her husband Todd Gibel that she regrets bringing Lila on the big trip.

The comment comes as the pair grab breakfast on the paradisiacal island of Puerto Rico, and Todd asks Christy if she enjoyed herself the night before.

On an island as beautiful as Puerto Rico, the answer should have been a quick “yes” with no hesitation, but when the ladies of Little Women combine, nothing is ever easy.

Christy tells her husband that she did enjoy herself but co-star and friend Tonya is ticked off at her for inviting Lila.

Christy goes on to explain that Tonya didn’t understand that she invited Call with good intentions, although she says she wouldn’t have done it if she’d known Lila would be drinking.

Christy says: “I saw that another LP [little person] needed our help, and last night when I saw her drinking, I was like ‘I can’t believe I invited her’.”

Todd’s biggest concern is spending quality time with his wife after the couple both had serious medical procedures completed.

Hopefully Lila and Tonya will find it in their hearts to forgive each other because, after all, they are not only supposed to be working on their relationships — but also their individual selves.

Little Women LA: Couples Retreat premieres tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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