Christy Gibel and Jazmin Lang’s ‘Little Women’ vow renewal is reality TV at its most heartwarming

Jazmin Lang as her husband David gets down on one knee on the Little Women: Couples Retreat
Jazmin Lang’s husband David asks her to marry him again on Little Women: Couples Retreat

It’s very rare that you get genuine and heartwarming moments captured on camera on reality TV, but the scenes that have surrounded Christy Gibel and Jazmin Lang’s vow renewals on Little Women: Couples Retreat have taken us by surprise.

The ceremony features on this week’s season finale, and comes after the drama-filled retreat draws to a close.

At one point Jazmin leaps with joy into husband David’s arms, with the true love she has for him clear as day for all to see.

Jazmin Lang jumps into David's arms at the vow renewal ceremony on Little Women: Couples Retreat
Jazmin jumps into David’s arms after renewing their vows on the Couples Retreat finale

It comes after the scene last week when David and Christy’s husband Todd asked their respective other halves to marry them again, which was one of the most honestly moving reality TV moments we’ve ever seen.

While the pair’s actions could easily have come across as just token gestures for the cameras, the emotions in Todd and David’s words seemed truly genuine and heartfelt.

The proposals saw both ladies blindfolded by staff at the hotel where they have been staying and led through a sea of petals to their husbands.

Both men then handed their partners a bunch of roses, before each of them got down on one knee in turn.

David went first, and told Jazmin: “I just want you to know I love you more than anything in this entire world. You are everything to me.

“Every single day waking up next to you has been such an amazing gift and I can’t wait for us to spend 1,000 more years together.

“I want to take this opportunity, because we’re in such a beautiful place, I want to go ahead and just ask you — will you marry me again.”

Jazmin had no doubts and jumped up and down with joy as she told him: “Yes, yes yes!”

Christy Gibel and Todd Gibel on Little Women: Couples Retreat
Christy Gibel and husband Todd looking on as David asked Jazmin to marry him again

Todd then followed suit with Christy, telling her how the shirt he was wearing was the same one he used to propose to her the first time.

He said that it had since been put away on a shelf, something he felt had happened to many aspects of their marriage.

But he added: “You’ve helped me create a new me, and we’re creating a new ‘us’. Now that we’ve got this fresh start there’s nothing more that I’d like than to go back to where we started from and do it all over again.

“And I’d like to ask you the honor of just continuing being my wife, and saying ‘I do’ again and renewing our vows.”

Watch the beautiful moment unfold in the clip below, the perfect preparation for the vow renewal ceremony in the finale.

But find some tissues first — you might need them.

The finale of the Little Women: Couples Retreat airs tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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