Chris Sorge: What to know about Little Women: LA star Jasmine’s husband

Chris Sorge on Little Women LA
Jasmine Arteaga Sorge’s husband Chris has been doting on her but he’s getting fed up. Pic credit: Lifetime

On the latest episode of Little Women: LA, Jasmine Arteaga Sorge’s husband, Chris Sorge, got quite a bit of airtime. It turns out that the reality TV couple has been having a rocky time lately and we got a closer look at why Chris might be unhappy in their marriage.

As the episode begins, Jasmine is lying in bed, spouting off a list of chores that she’d like her husband to accomplish while she continues to rest. Clearly irritated, he points out that she certainly could help with some of them.

Due to her recent breast augmentation, Jasmine argues that she can’t lift over five pounds but Chris counters that she could definitely fold her own laundry. That’s when Jasmine argues that whenever she really starts moving around, she starts to feel pain in her breast and she’s afraid it might “pop”.

It was hard not to chuckle when Chris reminded Jasmine that she had a boob job and didn’t lose an arm. Maybe it is time that she start helping out more and stop playing dictator from her side of the bed.

Will a vow renewal mend a breaking marriage?

Later in the Little Women: LA episode, Jasmine admits that she and Chris really aren’t connecting on the same level that they used to. After all, they’ve been married for eight years now and have two sons together. Both Jasmine and Chris have careers and they really don’t spend much quality time together anymore. But will a vow renewal fix all that?

Jasmine certainly thinks it will and with the help of Terra Jole, the two ladies put together a romantic gondola ride for Jasmine and Chris — complete with her proposing to him in hopes that they can do this renewal.

Based on Chris Sorge’s recent social media posts, it looks like things are going great for Jasmine and him. He often posts pictures of them together and even posts pictures of Jasmine alone, complimenting her and showing tons of love.

It’s safe to say that if there ever were any cracks in their relationship, these Little Women: LA stars are definitely on a good path now and we can’t wait to see where the future takes them.

What does Chris Sorge do for a living?

It’s no secret that, in the past, Jasmine and Chris Sorge have struggled financially. It’s something they have talked about on the show.

For years, Jasmine’s husband has been working to get a job with the railroad that will provide ample income and great benefits for his family and finally, last year, that dream happened.

Prior to that, Chris worked in the restaurant businesses and even spent time waiting and bussing tables in order to make ends meet. He did whatever it took to keep his family afloat waiting for his big opportunity even if that meant working for Jasmine’s dad at the family restaurant.

Little Women: LA airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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