Chloe Lukasiak’s mom Christi in Dance Moms clash: ‘We’re a threat’

Christi Lukasiak on Dance Moms
Christi Lukasiak clashes with Kendall Vertes’ mom Jill on this week’s Dance Moms

Chloe Lukasiak’s mom Christi clashes with other mothers on Dance Moms, saying they view both her and Chloe as a “threat”.

Last week’s episode saw Christi laying into the other members of the ALDC for not helping to support Chloe after she left the series.

Chloe returned last week after 2.5 years away, at the same time Abby Lee Miller departed due to her troubles with the law.

Leading choreographer Laurieann Gibson was brought in in her place, and on tonight’s episode has to pick up the pieces that Abby left behind when Christi has another run-in with the other moms.

Watch footage from the episode below as Kendall Vertes’ mom Jill has a go at Christi, saying: “The past is all Christi has.”

But Christi — who also breaks down in tears during the episode — tells the producers the other moms are intimidated by her and Chloe’s return.

She says: “Chloe’s a threat, I’m a threat.” But she adds: “She’s back, and we’re not going anywhere.”

Cameras then capture the moment things descend into chaos when Jill yells at Christi in front of the other moms: “Quit being the victim Christi! I’m tired of it. My God.”

Choreographer Laurieann says: “This is all the s**t that Abby Lee has left for someone else to clean up.”

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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