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Childish Gambino’s Playmoji Google Pixel commercial from the Grammys was a hit

Donald Glover in the commercial for Playmoji Google Pixel
Donald Glover dances against a digital version of himself as Childish Gambino in the latest Playmoji commercial. Pic credit: Google/YouTube

Donald Glover was a hit at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, even though he wasn’t in attendance. His Childish Gambino song This Is America took home two Grammys and Glover also made a big impression with his new Playmoji commercial for Google Pixel.

In the minute-long ad, Donald Glover can be seen facing off against a digital version of himself as the two compete in a dance-off. The Childish Gambino star and his digital self are dressed in identical blue jeans and white t-shirt as they continue to try and one-up each other.

Near the end of the commercial, the only words begin. “Turn the lights out, we shine brighter in the dark,” Childish Gambino sings as the digital dancer bursts into a brightly lit version of the entertainment star as he continues to dance.

The Playmoji commercial got quite a bit of attention as it played out during the Grammys and many are still talking about it. So what song was playing in the commercial?

The line “Turn the lights out, we shine brighter in the dark” is from the as-yet-unreleased Childish Gambino song Human Sacrifice.

As for the commercial itself, Google Pixel is heavily promoting their new product, the Pixel 3, which was released in October 2018. Those who purchase the new phone can get it with a Childish Gambino Playmoji pack, which just came out on Friday.

With the Childish Gambino pack, users can dance against an augmented reality (AR) version of Donald Glover just like he did in the commercial. The digital Donald Glover will even react to the expressions of the phone user, mimicking and responding in a very lifelike way.

“We worked closely with Childish Gambino and his music video choreographer, Sherrie Silver, to make sure the Playmoji’s dance moves rival those of Childish Gambino himself,” explained Google’s Playground product manager, Elizabeth Morant.

The Childish Gambino pack is downloadable for Google Pixel users and once you have it, it’s possible to interact with the Childish Gambino Playmoji in quite a few interesting ways.

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