Chico and Sondra from Moonshiners, what happened to them and where are they now?

Chico and Sondra smiling in a barn in a still from Discovery's Moonshiners
Chico and Sondra. Pic credit: Discovery

Fans of Discovery Moonshiners have been asking about a couple that made a splash the last season, Sondra (Cossondra Thompson) and Chico, her man.

Based on the photos the couple are sharing on Facebook, it looks like they got married (or are engaged) and have had a baby too!

Moonshiner Chico posted this of Sondra and the baby. Sweet! Pic credit: Moonshiner Chico/Facebook

The official word from Discovery PR is that: “Chico and Sondra will not be appearing on this season of Moonshiners.”

Sondra – which is short for Cossondra – has shared a lot about her life on her Facebook page, where she posted a picture of the two showing off an engagement ring.

She also has a Moonshiner Sondra Facebook page,where she announced the birth of their son Wyatt.

This is very happy news for fans of the couple who made quite an impression on the series about people who still make illegal moonshine in Kentucky.

Chico summarized himself on his Facebook page saying:

This Kentucky redneck is dead set on making his way to the top with his sharp wit and need to bring humor to a hard life moonshiner and comedian.”

it looks like Chico and Sondra gave up the TV series and now have a successful distillery business and brand of whiskey they are selling.

Olde Towne Moonshiner Chico Spirit Whiskey is described as:

Olde Towne Moonshiner Chico Spirit Whiskey

Moonshiner Chico is from the TV show Moonshiners and he has partnered up with Olde Towne Distillery to produce a blend of our good Bourbon and White Liquor to make Spirit Whiskey. The whiskey is 20 percent Bourbon and 80 percent White whiskey straight out of the still,  then the Blended Whiskey is aged in charred oak barrel staves to give it a unique flavor.
It is a smooth drinking whiskey with an aged flavor of the oak staves much like the old whiskey of the past.

This season on Moonshiners, the surviving moonshiners must work together to survive, as they are known as “outlaws” for generations now.

There is unprecedented demand for their spirits and increased law enforcement is giving them all a wakeup call.

It is harder than ever for these masters of distilling to make their craft spirits and they are in threat of losing their culture too.

Big corporations are trying to take over the market for “craft spirits” with cheap factory-made liquor, while the moonshiners still use traditional recipes and techniques of artisanal heritage whiskey alive in the remote corners of Appalachia.

Moonshiners airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on Discovery.

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