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Chela Perez: Who is Instagram model who wants Kardashian booty on MTV’s True Life?

Chela Perez was featured on the latest episode of MTV’s True Life, which focused on those who want a Kardashian booty. Chela is an Instagram model and a bartender who is obsessed with sculpting her curvaceous body to perfection.

A 34-year old Bronx native, Chela has been working for years to achieve her 36D-29-49 measurements after what she describes as a lifetime of gaining and losing weight.


While some may think her significant other might appreciate the effort and her incredible appearance, Chela’s devotion to maintaining her physique and her follower count on social media actually caused her long term relationship to end.

Chela dated a man named Chris for over three years but they split after she started going viral on Instagram. When Chela started getting a lot of attention for her curvaceous photos, Chris said her Instagram fame “went to her head.


Chela Perez has 1.7 million followers on Instagram and her account is still growing. It would be hard not to let that go to your head! However, Chela knows that her social media success has come with a price.

“Because I am so aggressive, and I’m so ambitious, it is going to interfere with my allowing a man to be a man. I can’t let go of the reins,” Chela explained on the MTV hit.

She’s featured on the latest episode of True Life because of her obsession with working out in order to have a Kardashian booty but Chela doesn’t want to do it the easy way.

So far, her figure may look surgically enhanced but she says it’s all real. “I want to pump it up where it looks fake, but it isn’t fake,” she told her trainer as cameras rolled.

Perez puts in the work two hours per day, six days a week, lifting heavy weights in order to maintain a teeny, tiny waist and a 49-inch booty when measuring the widest part of her posterior.


She did confess that she struggles with cellulite and that makes Chela a bit hesitant to show of skimpier outfits but you’d never know it by looking at her Instagram.

There are quite a few photos of Chela showing off her assets that make it clear, she’s nearly perfected her Kardashian booty after truly putting in the work.  

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