Cheers to the Queen and gossip about Caroline Stanbury on Ladies of London

Caroline Stanbury
Caroline Stanbury talks about her business and her move to Dubai on Ladies of London

The women are celebrating the Queen’s birthday this week on Ladies of London, plus Caroline Stanbury is not happy about the rumors flying about.

Not that they need much of an excuse to celebrate anything, but this week they mark the monarch’s birthday in style with a pub crawl round some of London’s trendiest spots.

However, it’s not all champagne and cocktails as Caroline Stanbury is unhappy about the rumor that Marissa seems to have been spreading. This relates to her move to Dubai, with some of the ladies seemingly believing she is running away from legal issues.

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This follows all the problems with the collapse of her company Gift Library and she is quick point out that legal issues will follow you wherever you go.

In the UK if you have a limited company and did not do anything illegal whilst running it then the company is a separate legal entity and carries any creditor debt.

The staff did have a dart board with her face on it...
The staff did have a dart board with her face on it…quite funny

You can actually read the Liquidator’s Progress Report here, if you’re interested.

Also on this week’s episode, Marissa and Juliet argue about gossiping and Sophie and Marissa play some ping-pong or do they call it whiff-whaff?

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