Charmed: Shannen Doherty fires back at Alyssa Milano’s claim she never got her fired

Shannen Doherty poses on the red carpet
Shannen Doherty is ready for the truth. Pic credit: © Sadou/Admedia

Shannen Doherty is tired of the back and forth with her one-time Charmed co-star, Alyssa Milano.

The pair have been going back and forth for years after their relationship became strained while working on the supernatural drama.

Doherty previously spoke out about her feud with Milano, alleging that her nemesis gave producers an ultimatum that got her written off the show following Season 3.

For the record, Milano has vehemently denied the allegation, saying during a Who’s the Boss? panel at MegaCon Orlando that it’s a shame “people can’t move past it,” according to People.

In the aftermath of the panel, Milano doubled down on Instagram, claiming she didn’t have “the power to get anyone fired.”

Instead, Milano said it came down to the late Aaron Spelling, who followed the advice of a professional mediator amid the on-set drama.

Charmed lasted for five seasons without Shannen Doherty

“Once Shannen left, we had 5 more successful seasons and I am forever grateful,” Milano declared.

During a Charmed panel alongside Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan over the weekend, Doherty teared up while opening up about the situation.

She told the audience that many of the things that had been said had been “hurtful” before revealing that she had prepared her notes the previous nights and was telling the truth, “as opposed to the narrative that others put out there for me.”

Doherty opened up about the December podcast episode in which she and Combs spoke about the drama with Milano.

Shannen Doherty is adamant she’s telling facts about her Charmed firing

The 52-year-old said she was adamant about not causing any more drama, so she and Combs edited out anything they thought would heat this feud up a notch.

“We simply told the truth because the truth actually does matter,” Doherty affirmed.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum went on to speak about how she believes the truth is more imperative than ever as she battles Stage 4 breast cancer that has spread to her bones.

Doherty clarified that “no revisionist history” is at play here and that she is paying attention to the facts “as if I were still living in them.”

The actress said that the purpose of opening up about the past is that she wants to be open and host about the trauma she’s experienced in her life with the aim of healing.

She believes she was robbed of her livelihood because “somebody else wanted to be No. 1 on the call sheet.”

Rose McGowan believes the time for protecting fans from the truth is over

McGowan weighed in, revealing that the cast wanted to protect the audience for a long time, but it seems like the time for that is over.

Charmed is one of those rare shows fans look back on fondly, with many still calling for a revival almost 20 years after its conclusion.

We got the half-baked reboot in 2019 that had nothing to do with the original series until a last-minute hail mary for a renewal attempted to link the two shows.

But many fans have questions about what went on behind the scenes of a show that many loved.

Now that the floodgates have opened, it will be interesting to see what Milano says in response and whether there’s any hope of these one-time colleagues repairing what was broken between them long ago.

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