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Charmaine from Black Ink Crew Chicago’s mother has died

Happier days - the posted photo of Charmaine and Glenda from her Instagram. Pic credit: Charmaine Walker/Instagram.
Happier days – the posted photo of Charmaine and Glenda from her Instagram. Pic credit: Charmaine Walker/Instagram.

Black Ink Crew beauty Charmaine Walker has lost her beloved mother, Glenda Walker.

Losing a loved one in the public eye is extra painful yet can also be a steady source of support from well-meaning fans who care about the celebrity.

And fans are flooding the Instagram feed of Charmaine from VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago who used the platform to announce that she lost her beloved “diva” mother Glenda, whom she posted a lovely photograph of with the heartbreaking news:

Words can’t express how I feel 💔 I love you mommy and this is going to be hard to move on from. I assume it will get better over time. You were the most loving woman on this planet and I hope to treat people with the same kindness that you always did. My best friend, my mom. You’re my everything and I’m honored to be your daughter. The hardest part will be going through life without you by my side. I still have so much to share with you. I’m trying to stay positive but some moments are really hard. Thanks for being my number 1 fan since the day I was born. My diva mom I love you ❤️ 10/23/19

The reports are that her death was a sudden and shocking one and that a specific cause of death has not been publicly revealed to date.

Charmaine is well known from Black Ink Crew and was part of the splintered off tattoo shop 9 Mag Tattoo, a Chicago-based ink shop started by Ryan Henry).

Eventually, Charmaine, along with Van Johnson, Phor Brumfield, Don Brumfield, Cobra Kat, and Danielle Jamison, started their own shop, Loyal Ink.

Fans remember the fun scene where Charmaine’s parents met Neek’s Haitian mom, who was mortified by Charmaine’s cleavage and then the news that Charmaine and Neek were living together, that tea spilled by Glenda.

The scene is sweet and a delightful watch:

The scene shows how sweet Glenda and Charmaine’s dad counseled the couple and tried to mitigate the shock for Neek’s devout Christian mother.

Condolences to Charmaine Walker and her family and friends on the loss of Glenda.

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