Charlie Goldsmith moved by fan message as he helps NFL player Randall Telfer on The Healer

Randall Telfer on The Healer
Randall Telfer on The Healer with Charlie Goldsmith as he looks for help with his injury

This week on The Healer,  Charlie Goldsmith helps out an NFL player whose affliction is affecting his career and on Facebook the energy healer posts about the many messages he receives.

On this week’s episode Charlie comes to the aid of NFL player Randall Telfer  who has knee pain that is starting to affect his football career. He also tries to help a man who is suffering from hand tremors and goes under the spotlight himself as doctors observe him as he treats a woman who has arthritis.

Meantime, on Facebook Charlie posted about the many messages her gets every day. Explaining that he does not have time to read them all never mind reply, he posted that he gets: “Requests for help, compliments and a few mean things too.”

However, one recent message he was sent stood out and the person told Charlie: “I suspect very strongly that you are at the forefront of a new paradigm that so powerfully refuted the dominance of scientific materialism. Charlie….to me you are a true hero and an incredible man!”

The energy healer replied that he would not let those who believed in him down and that the abuse he gets toughened him up.

The Healer airs on Mondays at 10:05 PM on TLC.

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