CBS Big Brother 20 vote guide: How to cast yours and get your favorite BB20 player trending

CBS Big Brother 20 vote: How to vote for your favorite BB20 star
The Big Brother 20 cast will rely on viewers’ votes in the BB App Store to give them powers or punishments. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 has begun and this is going to be the season for tech-savvy viewers.

Julie Chen explained on premiere night that there would be a series of tech-related twists and that fans would get a chance to make a difference in the game by way of the BB App Store. If you’re wondering how it works and what it takes to cast your BB20 vote, we have your answers.

Big Brother 20 voting is simple. You can vote 10 times per voting period and it’s all done via your favorite messaging app whether it be Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Kik or Skype.

Big Brother 20 voting on Facebook Messenger

For those using Facebook Messenger, the CBS Messenger Bot can be accessed by heading over to the official CBS Facebook page. From there, click on the “send message” button and ask any BB20-related question that you want. The CBS Messenger Bot will answer it.

When voting is open, viewers can submit their votes right in that messenger box. CBS has announced that BB20 fans can also take quizzes and play games there as the season progresses.

How to vote on Twitter

Voting for your favorite Big Brother 20 cast member on Twitter is just as easy as it is on Facebook. Just head on over to CBS on Twitter and send them a message. Once you’ve done that, the CBS Messenger Bot will respond and answer any Big Brother-related questions. There will interactive quizzes and games. Make sure to vote before time runs out to make sure your favorite BB20 houseguest is trending the most so they can be rewarded.

BB20 voting on Kik

Big Brother 20 fans can also send in their votes via Kik. If you don’t use Facebook Messenger or Twitter but still want to impact the game, just head to the Apple or Android app store and download Kik.

Once the app has been downloaded, simply search for CBS. That will connect you to the CBS Messenger Bot where BB20 viewers can ask questions about the show, take quizzes and interact just like on Facebook and Twitter.

Skype users can vote for their favorite on Big Brother 20

Last but definitely not least is Skype. BB20 viewers can access Skype either by heading to their website or downloading the app in the Apple and Android stores. Once installed, just search for the CBS Messenger Bot and connect. Like the other chat apps, users can then vote, ask questions or take part in the quizzes and games that will be coming.

In addition to voting via the messenger bots, BB20 fans can also vote for their favorite players and get them trending by visiting the America’s Vote page on the CBS website.

The first Big Brother 20 voting period has already expired so we’ll have to see who ends up with the power and who gets the punishment very soon. There will be more voting periods as the season progresses though so get ready and be sure to vote!

BB20 fans are allowed to vote up to 10 times per voting period on each of the apps. Of course, there’s a whole list of disclaimers and rules that can be accessed on the CBS website.

After the first Big Brother 20 vote via CBS Messenger Bot, who do you think will be rewarded after trending the most? Which BB20 cast member will receive the publishment for trending the least?

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and again on Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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