Cats, dogs and tigers on The Vet Life

The Vet Life
This young female tiger looks to be in good health on The Vet Life – scroll for the clip

Tonight on The Vet Life: Texas Sized – heavy flooding in Houston means the clinic is inundated with animals that have either been injured or displaced due to the water levels.

A puppy is brought in very ill from having drank dirty water and a young tiger is found walking the streets.

The tiger is extremely cute and playful but she is getting to the size where it could be dangerous if she became aggressive. The team take no chances and sedate the magnificent big cat before they examine it.

They find she still has her claws, ears look good with no sign of bacteria, strong pulse and temperature normal.

Tune in to find out how s Dr. Blue, Dr. Ross and Dr. Lavigne get on during this busy period.

Watch The Vet Life: Texas Sized – Raining Cats, Dogs and Tigers tonight at 10 PM on Animal Planet.

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