Catfish Trolls: The story of Ciera and Eskimo Jay

Charlamagne tha God on Catfish: Trolls
Charlamagne tha God helps track down the bullies on Catfish: Trolls

Catfish Trolls is a brand new show that MTV started airing two weeks ago. The show is just a few episodes along, as it is a test run based on the success of Catfish: The TV Show.

The trolls version is a little different than the original, as Charlamagne Tha God and Raymond Braun will help people who have been trolled by people online. They help them find a way to meet their trolls and talk about how they can stop their behavior before they hurt other people.

During the first episode, a female gamer came face to face with her troll, who agreed that he had crossed the line. The two had a talk and things worked out.

During the show’s second episode, two guys came face to face after trolling each other online. The episode ended with one of the guys throwing water at the other guy and their trolling didn’t get better. In fact, there was no making up here.

During tonight’s episode, fans of Catfish Trolls will get to meet Ciera, who really wants to know why a guy named Eskimo Jay is trolling her. She explains that he actually stole her selfies and created an offensive meme of her – only to hurt her.

The sad thing about this story is that it went viral. Ciera was left hurt and embarrassed without really knowing why he ever made her a target in the first place.

Watch tonight as Charlamagne and Raymond figure out why Eskimo Jay is trolling Ciera, and if he has something personal against her.

Catfish: Trolls airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV. 

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Raven Dane
Raven Dane
4 days ago

‘Eskimo Jay’ was an obnoxious misogynist who had no concept or interest in the hateful and cruel things he posted ‘ for fun’. A loser, I just wish Catfish’s Kammie had been there to confront the scrote, she would have wiped the floor with him.