Catfish The TV Show’s new co-host: Who is Slick Woods?

Slick Woods
Slick Woods is Nev Schulman’s co-host on tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show. Pic credit: @slickwoods/Instagram

Slick Woods is next up to co-host on Catfish: The TV Show. She’s helping Nev Schulman solve a Catfish mystery. Slick Woods is also known as Simone Thompson. She’s best known for being an actress, and a model.

As you may already have recognized, Woods has a unique look. According to IMDB, her trademarks include a bald head, gapped teeth, and tattoos. At the age of 22, this beauty already has an impressive resume, including working with both Rihanna and Marc Jacobs.

She was raised by her grandmother after her mother was locked up when she was just four years old, according to Fashionista.

While little is known about her relationships with her own parents, she does have a boyfriend named Adonis Bosso, and a new son, Saphir, who was born in September 2018.

Woods’ career began when she was discovered at a bus stop in Los Angeles by English model Ash Stymest.

Throughout her career, Slick Woods starred in Fenty Beauty: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna from 2017, she also played herself in Love Advent, a television series short. In 2018, she played Goldie in the movie of the same name.

She was also on Wild ‘N Out in 2018, Savage x Fenty, and now Catfish: The TV Show. But her work is most notably on the fashion runways around the world.

While MTV does have lots of pictures of her modeling in tonight’s introduction for the show, you can browse through plenty of photos on her Instagram account.

As mentioned earlier, she’s also a mom to a little boy. While she eagerly shared photos of her growing belly over the summer months when she was pregnant, she’s only shared a few photos of him online. In all of them, she’s hiding his face to protect his privacy.

Woods likes to improve herself and see progression because she felt she stood still for much of her life, being homeless and struggling to make ends meet.

“I need to see improvement because I’m very tangible, and if I can’t see improvement, I feel like I’m stationary,” Woods told Fashionista. “That’s not cool for me, because I’ve been stationary for a really long time.”

Slick Woods will surely be a joy to watch on tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV show as we expect her fiery personality to shine.

Catfish: The TV Show airs tonight at 9/8c on MTV.

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