Catfish: The TV Show’s new co-host Jane Carrey: Fast facts about Jim Carrey’s daughter

Jane Carrey
Jane Carrey will be Nev Schulman’s co-host on Catfish this week. Pic credit: MTV

Catfish: The TV Show returns tonight on MTV and with Max Joseph gone as a host, Nev Schulman will work with various celebrities, athletes and musicians over the next season until he can find a new co-host.

On tonight’s episode, fans will get to meet Jane Carrey, a musician. But she’s also the daughter of the famous comedian, Jim Carrey. The official Twitter account for Catfish: The TV Show shared a brief clip, where she introduces herself and how she doesn’t talk about being her father’s daughter.

But here are some details about her that you may not know.

She’s an only child

Jane Carrey is an only child. She’s the daughter of Jim Carrey and Melissa Womer, who were married in 1987 and divorced in 1995. Jane is the only child that Jim has.

Jane was on American Idol

While Jane could have followed in her father’s footsteps and pursued a career in acting or comedy, she preferred to carve her own path and pursue music. Back in 2011, she appeared on American Idol but didn’t have much luck. She founded her own band, The Jane Carrey Band, and based on the information on their MySpace account, she has released two albums.

One is called Simple Beauty and the other is self-titled, Jane Carrey. The record label is Adamant Records and the band’s song, Sticky Situation, appeared on the soundtrack to the 2014 hit, Dumb and Dumber To. The movie stars her father as Lloyd, and Jeff Daniels as Harry – the iconic duo from the original Dumb and Dumber movie from 1994.

She lives a very private life

Besides being a musician and Jim Carrey’s daughter, Jane lives a rather private life. By all accounts, it sounds like she has learned something from her father in regards to being in the spotlight and living a private life. You won’t find any social media accounts with photos of her son, for example.

Plus, she doesn’t appear to have an active website where she shares her music and upcoming shows. The only time where she did appear in front of the camera was during the documentary, Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from 2017. The documentary focuses on Jim’s life after he pulled away from Hollywood and how he has used art to heal a broken heart.

Carrey was previously married and has one child

During her Catfish introduction, Jane Carrey is introduced as being a single mother. She gave birth to her son, Jackson Riley Santana, on February 26, 2010. She was 22 years old at the time, and Jackson is now 8 years old.

At the time, she was married to the father of the child, Alex Santana. The two had gotten married in November 2009, just two months before she gave birth. They were married for 23 months before she filed for a legal separation. 10 months later, she filed for divorce. The two are reportedly estranged.

In 2016, she posted a photo of herself with another man at a hockey game, calling him bae.

He’s been identified as John Campanelli and over the past few days, he has been retweeting her tweets about her appearance on Catfish. They could be dating, but they could also just be very good friends.

Unknown net worth, but her father is rich

Because Jane Carrey’s career and personal life are so secretive at this point, it’s hard to determine how much she has as a net worth. But her father is reported to have upwards of $150 million as his personal net worth. And given she’s a single mother and his own child, it’s possible that he will always have her back financially.

In her American Idol auditions, Jane revealed that she had been working as a waitress for six years, so it does sound like her father wants her to be a hardworking individual, who can care for herself and her son.

You can listen to one of her songs below.

Catfish: The TV Show airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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