Catfish: The TV show’s craziest Season 7 cases, from Rolling Ray to Nina and Jon

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph from Catfish
Max Joseph says goodbye to Catfish during tonight’s episode. Pic credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram.

Catfish: The TV Show is slowly wrapping up its 7th season and one major player in the show’s success is saying goodbye.

Tonight marks the last episode of Max Joseph, who has worked alongside Nev Schulman since the very first episode.

After seven seasons and 115 episodes of the show, the two have solved many mysteries in terms of finding out who is hiding behind the screen.

The two have also managed to create some amazing love connections between the couples on the show and they have helped the participants communicate with one another, resulting in stronger friendships, relationships, and even romances.

As Max’s reign as a host on Catfish: The TV Show comes to an end, we are looking back on some of the best episodes from this past season as we say #SeeYouLaterMax.

Nae and Brandon

This season, we met Nae who had been talking to Brandon. She felt that he could be a good man for her, as she wanted to move on from failed relationships.

She had a twin sister, who was convinced she was talking to a catfish. But Nae was shocked when she learned that Brandon was indeed her ex-boyfriend, Thomas, who really wanted to get back together.

Nae wanted nothing to do with him and was furious that she had spent so much time on him.

Derek and Annabelle

Derek and Annabelle had been talking for a while and she had helped him move on from a breakup.

He had met her via SnapChat one night but when he deleted the app, she found him via Facebook.

The two hit it off but Derek was shocked to learn that it was his good friend Becca who had catfished him.

In the beginning, he had no idea what to say about it but the two quickly got involved romantically after putting all the feelings on the table.

Rolling Ray and Camyonce

Rolling Ray and Camyonce were not on a traditional episode of Catfish: The TV Show. Instead, they starred on the Catfish: Trolls spin-off, which ran for three weeks on MTV.

Here, people came face-to-face with people who had been trolling them online. Camyonce claimed that Rolling Ray had been trolling him online.

Ray was a man in a wheelchair and when the two came face-to-face, it wasn’t pretty. It’s quite possibly the most dramatic episode in the show’s history.

Nina and Jon

Nina and Mike had an interesting case for Max and Nev on Catfish: The TV Show. Nina, who had been a webcam model, had online conversations with some of the guys she had been modeling for and Mike was getting a bit jealous and concerned.

While Nina had her suspicions, viewers guessed that it was Mike who was catfishing his wife to get her attention.

As it turns out, it was indeed an old friend named Jon who was catfishing her all along. Nina had fallen in love with Jon after a hiatus from her husband, but he wasn’t everything he claimed to be.

Which episode was your favorite from Catfish: The TV Show season 7? And will you tune in tonight to see Max Joseph’s last episode?

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