Catfish The TV Show: The story of Deven and James

Deven and James
The story of Deven and James is featured on tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show. Pic credit: MTV

On the Season 7 finale of Catfish: The TV Show, Nev Schulman and Rashad Jennings will help Deven learn the truth about his online crush, James.

In his email to Catfish, Deven reveals that he’s currently located in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s talking to James, who is located in California.

They met one another on a dating app, as James wrote to Deven. He calls James very caring, but the two haven’t talked on the phone or had a video chat. They have tried to meet and James even asked Deven to spend Christmas with him.

The shocking thing is that Deven recently learned that he was following a profile on Instagram that had James’ picture, but the profile said that James was located in New York and worked a different job.

Deven doesn’t see them as being in a relationship, but Rashad believes that when they say goodnight every night, it means they are in a relationship.

When Nev and Rashad stop by Phoenix, they learn that James has told Deven that he’s originally from Detroit and they actually have one person in common. Deven revealed that he does believe that this person from Detroit used to have a crush on him.

The two clearly have a serious relationship, as they are talking about starting a family. But everything points to Deven possibly knowing the person behind the James profile.

In a preview for the episode, it appears that they do go to meet the person behind the profile, but they are left wondering whether someone will actually show up.

There is a hint that they could be left standing with no one showing up. But it appears that there is a big chance that Deven actually knows the person behind the profile. Tune in to find out more about “James” and what he might really want with Deven.

Catfish: The TV Show airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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