Catfish The TV Show: The story about Oceanna and Nelly

Oceanna’s story will be featured on Catfish: The TV Show. Pic credit: MTV

MTV is airing a brand new episode on Wednesday night and during this episode, fans will be introduced to Oceanna. MTV has released a 10-minute preview of the episode, where we learn how Oceanna got into an online romance that now has her wanting answers.

In the preview, Oceanna writes in her email to Nev Schulman and Slick that she was doing an Instagram Live video, where she vented her frustrations about women only wanting to hook up. She wanted a relationship and that’s when a woman named Nelly chimed in. She wanted a chance to prove that she wanted to give Oceanna more than just sex.

While Oceanna lives in Clayton, North Carolina, Nelly is located in Houston, Texas.

Of course, Nelly couldn’t video chat. But Oceanna and Nelly made plans for Nelly to come visit her in North Carolina. Apparently, Nelly wrote that she had just landed around midnight, but then didn’t show up to meet Oceanna at the agreed place. Nelly continued to provide excuses as to why things couldn’t work out.

Now, Oceanna is questioning whether she should continue to pursue a relationship with Nelly or cut her losses now and move on.

Oceanna reveals that one of the excuses was that Nelly’s daughter had passed away. She had to attend the funeral over going to see Oceanna.

Clearly, Oceanna said that it was totally alright. Nelly revealed that she was going to come see Oceanna and bring her best friend, Raven, someone who she has seen on video before. As she tells Nev and Slick immediately, the two friends sound very different.

To make matters even more complicated, Oceanna’s ex-girlfriend Kira reached out to her about Nelly, saying that she had also popped up on her Instagram Live one day and connected her to a friend, Kayla. Kayla is a name that Oceanna knows because Nelly has told her that Kayla is one of her best friends.

And there’s another connection in the web of friendships. Oceanna starts talking to a new woman named Ciara. As it turns out, Ciara is best friends with Kayla.

Needless to say, someone is probably making up some lies to keep tabs on Oceanna and her love life. Nev and Slick are on the case to see if one person is behind all four profiles.

Catfish: The TV Show airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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