Catfish: The TV Show tells the story of Angel and Jordan

Max Joseph and Nev Schulman of Catfish: The TV Show
Catfish: The TV Show is back with the story of Angel and Jordan

Catfish The TV Show is back for another episode tonight on MTV and this week, Nev Schulman and Max Josephs are helping a young woman named Angel. Based on the preview released on Twitter, it sounds like Angel met Jordan online and began talking to him.

Angel appeared to fall in love with Jordan and enlisted Nev and Max to make it happen. It’s hard to say whether she saw any red flags during the relationship based on the sneak peek we saw, but it doesn’t take long for Nev and Max to get suspicious.

Angel may learn a few things about Jordan she isn’t ready for. As it turns out, her friend Cece shows up when she’s expecting to meet Jordan.

She appears confused as to why Cece is there, but Nev and Max may believe that her friend was behind the account all along. If this is indeed the case, it wouldn’t be the first time that a friend has made up an account to make someone feel better about themselves.

In fact, several people have made up fake accounts, faked voices, and even enlisted family members to help cover up the scam. It’s uncertain at this moment what Cece’s role is in this relationship with Jordan, but it sounds like she could have faked the entire thing to make her friend Angel feel better about herself.

Catfish: The TV Show is back to their regular schedule on MTV, with new episodes airing on Wednesdays at 9/8c on MTV.

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