Catching up with ‘The Godfathers’ of Swamp People ahead of Season 9

R.J. Molinere
R.J. Molinere was likely born with a six pack as a baby!

A lot has transpired since last season’s Swamp People on History.

In a clever new teaser spoofing The Godfather films, the patriarchs of the series — Cajun King Troy Landry, natural mesomorph R.J. Molinere, shirt-averse Bruce Mitchell and tough-to-please Daniel Edgar — are each given a mobster nickname to get fans keyed up about Season 9.

Bruce Mitchell
Will Bruce continue his signature look of overalls sans shirt?

This summer a lot of weather went down in the south and Landry, who went to the Everglades last year in a spin-off series for History, talked about how hurricanes can adversely affect their business.

The Swamp People star told TMZ that storms like last August’s Hurricane Harvey could cause gators injury and even death through drowning.

And he said they most common problem is that they get washed away from their natural habitat, ending on highways and on people’s property which can obviously lead to serious trouble.

Gators aren’t all the Swamp People guys hunt, however. In a recent December hunting trip, Troy posted on Facebook about how hunting with his son Jacob made for a true father-son moment.

He said: “You would think after changing Jacob’s diapers all those years he would let his daddy tag out first in Iowa.

“I guess I need to quit playing around and Choot something. Can’t wait to see his hunt on Whitetail Freaks next season.”

After what appeared to be a successful hunting trip where Jacob bagged a buck, Swamp People star Troy also wished everyone a Happy New Year:

The stories and adventures of alligator hunters in Louisiana make Swamp People on the History one of the network’s top-rated series.

The show began in 2010 and the premise is simple, following various alligator trapper families during the 30-day legal Louisiana alligator season in South Louisiana, mostly in the massive Atchafalaya Basin Swamp.

Here is a diagram from from showing where the stars work.

The filming and hunting locations include Bayou Sorrel, Bayou Pigeon, Pierre Part, Morgan City, Houma, Pecan Island, Conway Bayou, and other swamp locations.

Watch the trailer for Swamp People Season 9 below!

Swamp People returns for Season 9 on Thursday, February 1, at 9/8c on History.

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