Catching Kelce: Girls get sweaty in the gym for group date

The girls chat with Trevor after arriving at the gym for the group date on Catching Kelce
The girls chat with Travis after arriving at the gym for the group date on Catching Kelce

Get ready for some sweaty moments and sex-appeal on Catching Kelce this week as six girls join Kansas City Chiefs hunk Travis Kelce for a group date.

There are just 15 women remaining this week and Travis picks Maya to lead the date, but she has to pick five other women to join her. She tries her best to game the system by choosing the women that she thinks are “boring”.

But the whole thing backfires when it turns out the task involves heading to the gym to film a fitness commercial.

Travis says: “I was very surprised at Maya’s picks.” And she admitted after finding out what the group date involves: “I’m pretending to be excited, and I’m really not.

“My whole strategy was to pick girls that wouldn’t out-shine me, and it’s starting to backfire. Lauren owns a freaking gym, Lolo is a personal trainer and Veronica’s really into fitness.”

Meanwhile, Veronica is pretty confident of her chances — mainly down to the fact she think she has an awesome derriere.

She says: “I’m an eight-time bikini bodybuilder and a fitness model so I know I’m going to rock this. And I have the best butt so I got this. This is my time to shine.”

But things get awkward for Veronica when she puts Kelce on the spot during a one-on-one chat. She begins by asking him whether he likes group fitness, saying it might be a “trick question”.

Then she goes on to say that whether he likes the elliptical trainer is kind of a “deal breaker”. When he says he doesn’t she’s pretty relieved — but Travis later admits he does!

Later on in the episode, titled Let the Games Begin, things get crazy when the girls get back to the house and Maya lifts the lid on how Anika tried to get Travis’s attention with a note despite not being on the group date.

Watch below as Maya flips out!

Catching Kelce airs Wednesdays at 9pm on E!.

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