Casey Anthony, Gianni Versace and Monica Lewinsky: How It Really Happened with Hill Harper back for Season 2

Hill Harper
How It Really Happened with Hill Harper is back with a new crop of scandal, murder and mayhem

True crime docuseries How It Really Happened with Hill Harper is returning for Season 2 this weekend — and will feature a rogue’s gallery of famous stories from the past.

The HLN series will cover the Casey Anthony story, Gianni Versace’s murder and even delve into the sordid Monica Lewinsky scandal that tainted Bill Clinton’s presidency.

During the show, Harper’s legal background and acute reporting skills help dissect the headlines for people to revisit and reexamine huge cases that dominated the news.

He enlists the help CNN/HLN journalists whose analysis on the news stories they covered are interlaced with archived news footage.

Harper will also canvas the family, friends, and investigators in these high profile cases which help to add a layer of comprehension and understanding on the whys and the hows of each newsworthy event.

Season 1 premiered in January this year, with the explosive Los Angeles-based Menendez brothers’ murder trial and the Anna Nicole Smith death as prominent stories in the season.

CNN and HLN sent Monsters and Critics a rundown of what to expect in Season 2:

  • The Casey Anthony Story, Parts I and II (airdate: Oct. 15, two-hour premiere – with limited commercial interruptions). The horror of a missing toddler. In 2008, two-year-old  Caylee Anthony has disappeared. Her mother, Casey Anthony, tells a web of lies that are dismantled in the courts.
  • The Gianni Versace Murder (airdate: Oct. 22). The murder in Miami, as the famous designer was gunned down outside his stunning Ocean Avenue mansion in 1997. Killer Andrew Cunanan’s motives are examined.
  • The Mystery of Heaven’s Gate (airdate: Oct. 29). Cult worries from families in the mid-1970s are finally addressed in March of 1997, when shock discoveries of the Heaven’s Gate group are unearthed.
  • Who Killed Chandra Levy? (airdate: Nov. 5). In the tense months after September 11th attack in New York City, the DC intern, 24-year-old intern Chandra Levy has disappeared. This murder mystery remains unsolved.
  • The Strange Case of the Killer Nanny (airdate: Nov. 12). A horrific story about an eight-month-old baby who was fatally injured while in the care of a family’s au pair, 19-year-old British nanny Louise Woodward. The questions swirl about her actions that fateful day.
  • George Michael’s Final Days (airdate: Nov. 19). It’s hard to believe that George Michael is gone, but with so many unanswered questions, Harper explores the setting of Michael’s shock death.
  • Nov. 26 – Pre-empted for Thanksgiving holiday.
  • The Monica Lewinsky Scandal, Parts I and II (airdate: Dec. 3, two hours). President Bill Clinton had a shine for a 21-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Enter Linda Tripp, who betrayed Lewinsky and ratted about her sexual interactions with the president to the world.
  • Did Scott Peterson Murder Laci? Parts I and II (airdate: Dec. 10, two hours). A stunning couple, seemingly happy. Then a dead pregnant woman reveals a story of murder, adultery, and courtroom drama all leading to the death penalty. Did Scott Peterson murder Laci?

How It Really Happened with Hill Harper kicks off a second season Sunday, October 15 at 9 pm ET/PT, exclusively on HLN.

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