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Missing Wisconsin 15-year-old Kayla Berg is spotlighted on Disappeared

Kayla Berg missing
Kayla Berg has been missing since August 2009, disappearing after being dropped off to meet her boyfriend

This episode of Disappeared examines the case of missing Wisconsin teen Kayla Berg who went missing after being dropped off to meet her boyfriend.

Kayla Berg was last seen on the night of August 11, 2009. The teen was hanging out with her 24-year-old friend Kevn J. Kielcheski, with the pair driving around their hometown of Antigo, Wisconsin, and alelgedly smoking marijuana.

Later in the evening Kielcheski dove Kayla to her boyfriend’s house in Wausau, around 40 miniutes away. He told police that the house had no lights and that he did not wait for her to go inside before he left.

That was last anyone saw of Kayla.

It took almost a week before she was reported missing as her parents were separated and each thought she was with the other. It seems they let both Kayla and her younger brother move between their houses in a fairly easy going manner.

When she was reported missing 6 days after her disappearance, the local law enforcement thought the teen was most likely a runaway. Her close friends were said to have been uncooperative and seemed to be trying to conceal her location.

However, as time passed and nobody had any contact with Kaya the police changed their mind and started treating it as a criminal investigation. Her boyfriend told police he never her saw her on the night she went missing. In fact the house she was dropped off at was condemned and undergoing building work.

If you have any information about Kayla you can contact this number
If you have any information about Kayla you can contact this number

Two months after she went missing her friend Kielcheski was charged with reckless endangerment in respect of alleged substance abuse with Kayla on the night she went missing. Though this charge was later dropped and it’s been reported he is no longer cooperating in the search.

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Kayla did not use the internet much and at the time of her disappearance did not own a laptop or cell phone. She had no history of running away and usually always kept her parents informed of where she was.

Her mother firmly believes she was abducted and there is a Facebook page with details and updates on Kayla.

In 2016 the case hit the headlines after a video on YouTube appeared to show a man holding a girl captive in a bathroom. The girl did look somewhat like Kayla and her mother though her voice sounded similar too. The footage went viral and was dubbed the “Kayla Berg YouTube Abduction Video.”

However, after police investigated the video it transpired is was made by a production company with amateur actors and unrelated to the case.

The video was a bit of dark humor and unrelated to the case, the people who made it apologised
The video was a bit of dark humor and unrelated to the case, the people who made it apologised

The case is still open and anyone with information on her location or what happened to her are asked to call 715-627-6411 or visit the Antigo police’s Facebook page.

Disappeared airs at 7 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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