Carspotting on Discovery: Guys in their 20s make huge sums restoring classic muscle cars

Carlos from Carspotting leaning on a classic muscle car
Carlos Becerra, owner of Cascadia Customs and one of the new stars of Carspotting on Discovery

The premiere of Carspotting on Discovery is finally here — with the series showing three guys in their 20s making huge sums revamping old and abandoned muscle cars.

The show focuses on Imports & Classics and Cascadia Customs in Lynden, Washington, and the three guys at the center of the companies, brothers Carlos and Pedro Becerra and their best friend Niko, who is a walking encyclopedia of car knowledge.

Cameras follow them as they hunt in remote locations across the Pacific Northwest for long-forgotten cars, targeting those that are the most sought after and will make them the biggest profits.

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In the premiere the trio harness new technology by using a drone to find and look through a hidden collection of abandoned classics in a remote woodland area, before buying four of them.

Niko, Pedro and Carlos from Carspotting laughing together while sitting on a picnic table
Niko, Pedro and Carlos share a laugh in footage from Carspotting

But they’re then up against the clock when they have to turn the wreck of a 1970 ‘Cuda into a real-life Hot Wheels car in tip-top condition for a client who falls for it.

All the guys are in their 20s and have been fascinated by all things cars since they were young. Imports & Classics is a collector vehicle marketing company, while Cascadia Customs is their custom hot rod shop.

Carspotting airs as part of Discovery’s Motor Mondays after Street Outlaws: New Orleans.

Meet Carlos…

And watch a trailer for Carspotting below:

Carspotting airs Mondays at 10/9c on Discovery.

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