Carson Kressley gets a reading and Theresa has breast cancer scare on Long Island Medium

Longisland Medium
Theresa illustrates what they do with your breasts during a mammogram

This week on Long Island Medium, Theresa has some health worries, Carson Kressley gets and reading and a murder victim is contacted.

Clairvoyant Theresa has some worrying medical news when a mammogram and sonogram some results that could be a concern. Her grandmother had breast cancer and doctors have previously found cysts in her breast tissue, so she’s always nervous at these checkups.

Theresa gets a mammogram on Long Island Medium

Also on this episode, fashion guru and Queer Eye star Carson Kressley gets a reading and Theresa performs some automatic writing.

Automatic writing is a psychic ability some people claim to have whereby they can produce writing without actually thinking about what they are doing. They say the words themselves come from some other supernatural or paranormal source. In the past people have claimed the source to be anything from Martians to dead sea captains.

Some sceptics believe it is a form of cryptomnesia, where subjects recall a memory that they fail to recognise and assume it is something new or from an external source.

Also on this episode, Theresa claims to have reached out to a woman who was brually murdered.

Watch Long Island Medium – There’s a Lump at 8:00 PM on TLC.

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