Carnage for dolphins on Killer Whales: The Mega Hunt

Killer Whales: The Mega Hunt
A deadly and efficient predator on Killer Whales: The Mega Hunt

Killer Whales: The Mega Hunt is a 2-hour special tonight on Animal Planet.

Tracking a group of killer whales as they search down and pursue their prey off the coast of South Africa.

In this case their unfortunate victims are their little cousins, a pod common dolphins.

Thousands of dolphins
Thousands of dolphins in a super pod

However, this is no ordinary pod – it is a group over over 5000 dolphins and every year they form up only be pursued by one of the most efficient and smart predators on the planet.

This documentary tries to find out why the dolphins form such a bit pod and how the killer whales are able to find and track them.

Also check out the new series starting tonight looking into how illegal fishing is destroying the habitat of many ocean creatures.

Catch Killer Whales: The Mega Hunt at 7:00 PM on Animal Planet.

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