Car Saviors go from classics to crazy in drifting madness premiere

Car Saviors
ACP and Brian Scotto from Car Saviors takes classics headed for the scrapyard and restore/transform through intense builds into monsters that do what they were never designed to do

Car Saviors is an all-new special on Discovery that sees car fanatics Andrew Comrie-Picard (ACP) and Brian Scotto take cars headed for scrap and transform them into something truly amazing.

Their methodology is pretty simple and involves finding the car, planning a super-compressed makeover and then showing what they’ve got.

Easier said than done, especially when both of the guys have a different take on restoring cars.

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Brian is in charge of brand at Hoonigan Industries and has masterminded some crazy car builds. He likes to push the boundaries of what is possible and is more mad scientist than mechanic at times.

ACP is a stunt driver and professional racing driver, he is also a bit of a purist and prefers cars to be restored back to their original state.

Car Saviors shows what happens when these two pretty opposite viewpoints meet and the results are pretty spectacular.

This first special has them restoring a classic and then getting it involved in some serious drifting.

Car Saviors airs tonight at 10PM on Discovery.

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