Can Jeff teach the bears to catch wild game on Project Grizzly?

Bob and Screech face off in Project Grizzly
Bob and Screech put on a display designed to intimidate another bear on Project Grizzly

This week on Project Grizzly, Jeff tries to teach the bears to hunt and he also muses on how much he might miss them.

Jeff is keen to make Bob and Screech self-sufficient and employs some rather unusual methods in order to teach them how to hunt wild game.

The bears take a bath but it get a bit heated
The bears take a bath but it get a bit heated and Jeff has to get out of the way

His efforts don’t seem to work too well but the grizzly pair seem to be making progress anyway.

Later Jeff starts to think about his life without the bears, who really are like his children.

He muses on the fate of Grizzly Adams who was devastated when his favorite bear, Noble Ben, died and who in the end died as a result of an old injury received during a bear attack.

Watch Project Grizzly – Bears on the Run at 10 PM on Animal Planet. 

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