Camilla Parker Bowles babysits Prince George on Tracey Ullman’s Show

The Tracey Ullman Show - Camilla with a shotgun
Camilla Parker Bowles is all set to babysit Price George on Tracey Ullman’s Show

On this episode of Tracey Ullman’s Show the Brit comic and impersonator has Judi Dench causing trouble in a hotel, Angela Merkel bursting into song and Camilla Parker Bowles babysitting Prince George.

A shotgun wielding Duchess of Cornwall asks young Prince George whether he wants to “stick a horse’s uterus back in or to drown a kitten in a barrel.”

You have to wonder if this dead-on impression is not too far from the truth! It ends with Camilla holding a ceremonial mace and advising George that she’s “not bloody Yoda!”

Also tonight the German chancellor shows her lighter side as she sings for her staff and a man smuggles himself into the UK beneath a holidaying couple’s motorhome.

Check out the funny preview below:

Catch The Tracey Ullman Show at 11:00 PM on HBO.

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