Caleb Lee Hutchinson weight-loss: See American Idol star’s incredible transformation

American Idol star Caleb Lee Hutchinson before his weight loss in 2016 and how he looks today

Caleb Lee Hutchinson revealed he had undergone massive weight-loss on American Idol this week — and here are the pictures showing his incredible transformation.

The 19-year-old country singer admitted to the judges that he had lost 70-lb since his first audition on the show, through a mixture of drinking water rather than unhealthy alternatives and going for a walk every night.

He also revealed how seeing the number of likes on his Instagram pics increase as he shed the pounds inspired him to lose even more.

Fans watching Caleb on American Idol could visibly notice the difference in his features between his initial audition video and his appearance during the Top 24 stages.

Caleb on American Idol audition and during Top 24 solo
Caleb during his initial American Idol audition, left, and, right, performing his solo as one of the top 24 finalists

But Monsters and Critics can reveal the change in his appearance over the past few years has been even more dramatic.

Caleb’s Instagram shows a startling transformation in the past months and years. In this video from December 2014 he is practically unrecognizable, with glasses, rounded facial features and an un-styled hair-do, although one thing remains consistent — the quality of his voice.

Here is another clip, from April 21, 2015 — almost exactly three years ago to the day.

By 2016, Caleb has matured and appears bigger, while he also sports slicked-back hair.

But the amazing change starts to become noticeable last year, with him beginning to look noticeably slimmer in this pic posted in June 2017 — not long before the American Idol auditions took place from August through September.

Three months later and the new look had started to take hold, with Caleb boasting an all-new slimmed-down appearance.

Fast-forward to the past few weeks and the transformation is complete — and astounding — with the singer boasting a new chiselled look and stylish haircut, with him unrecognizable from how he used to look.

After his performance of Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett as one of American Idol’s top 24 finalists, host Ryan Seacrest asked Caleb how he lost the weight. He said: “I just thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if, like, I drank water and walked every night?’ The more the Instagram picture-likes went up, the more I wanted to hit the treadmill.”

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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