Butter Cloth on Shark Tank: Will Metta World Peace’s business get an investment?

Butter Cloth
Butter Cloth presents on Shark Tank with the help of Metta World Peace. Pic credit: ABC

Butter Cloth, a fashion business started by an immigrant from Vietnam, will get to pitch on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. The buttery-soft dress shirts may just change the way men wear dress shirts.

As a designer, Danh Tran always found himself battling between looking good and feeling good. So, he decided to do something about it, so men didn’t have to choose between looking and feeling good in dress shirts.

Tran has worked in his family’s small tailor shop, has worked at Mattel – designing clothes for Barbie, and he has pursued a career in fashion through hard work.

He started designing clothes at the age of 10 and he’s earned an AA Degree in Fashion Design from Los Angeles Trade Tech in 1999 and Tran entered the Otis College of Art and Design, earning his BA in 2006. He later worked as the Head Designer for Affliction Clothing for 10 years.

But the question still nagged him: comfort over style or style over comfort?

Tran created Butter Cloth and during his pitch on Shark Tank, Metta World Peace, who was born Ron Artest, will present with him.

Metta World Peace isn’t just a celebrity appearance to catch the shark’s attention. He’s actually an equity partner in the business. His investment was not disclosed when the company announced the news. But Metta World Peace became a partner because he didn’t like wearing collared shirts in the past.

“Butter Cloth is one of the best midday meeting shirts. It’s comfortable. I don’t have to worry about ripping my shirt. I can wear it with a jacket. I think it’s brilliant,” he explains about Butter Cloth.

Tran has made Metta World Peace an ambassador to the sports and celebrity world.

While the sharks may be interested in hearing what makes Butter Cloth so soft, Tran isn’t planning on sharing his secret. The exact details of the fabric are proprietary, but Tran may share that the fabric is made from 100% long fiber cotton. The fabric is breathable, stretches, and has an exclusive double-finished construction.

You can buy the shirts from Butter Cloth’s website, where most of the button-down shirts are listed for $118. However, some of the sales items do cost around $68 to $78. The prices may vary as new styles are added and old styles go on sale.

As for shipping, the company does ship to the United States with USPS and FedEx. The company also takes international orders but does require customers to pay for all shipping charges, duties, and taxes.

Shark Tank airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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