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Bushcraft Build-Off exclusive: Could you build a shelter to withstand the most extreme weather?

Contestant on Bushcraft Build-Off season finale
One of the contestants on the Bushcraft Build-Off season finale and, inset, his reciprocal roof going up

What would you do if you were lost in the wilderness and had to create a shelter to withstand even the most extreme weather? That’s the challenge presented to the competitors on the season finale of Discovery’s Bushcraft Build-Off tonight.

The episode sees two contestants go head-to-head to create a structure to protect themselves from the elements in the high desert of Utah’s Red Rock Canyon.

They are only allowed to use natural resources from the land around them to make their shelter — along with just one tool. They then have seven days to build it.

Watch our exclusive clip from the season finale below, as one of the contestants starts to build a reciprocal roof for his shelter using heavy maple logs gathered from nearby.

Using a small model made of the twigs on the ground, he explains how it will work before going about building the real thing. But will he be able to get it standing — and more importantly, will it be able to withstand the weather in a climate known for its extremes?

The Bushcraft Build-Off season finale airs tonight, Tuesday December 19, at 10pm ET/PT.

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