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Burger King’s chopsticks ad: See some of the internet’s responses

Burger King Ad
Burger King’s newest ad has been pulled after racism accusations. Pic credit: Burger King

Burger King released an ad in New Zealand recently to promote their new Vietnamese Sweet Chili Tendercrisp sandwich, but it didn’t take long for the company to pull the ad right back down.

The ad was shared on Burger King New Zealand’s Instagram account with the caption, “Take your taste buds all the way to Ho Chi Minh City with our Vietnamese Sweet Chili Tendercrisp, part of our Tastes of the World range. Available for a limited time only.”

The reason? Many people said that the ad was racist. The chopsticks ad is no longer available on Burger King’s account, but here’s the ad shared by a Twitter user, who was upset about it.

After Maria Mo, a Korean New Zealander posted the video online, it went viral, pulling in over 2 million views, according to Fox News. It didn’t take long for people to express their frustrations over the Burger King chopsticks ad, revealing it was offensive and racist toward the Asian community.

After Maria Mo posted the video and her dislike for the ad, it didn’t take long for people to retaliate, writing to her that she was overreacting. She revealed that there were plenty of people who couldn’t see anything wrong with the ad.

Mo would later tell HuffPost that she was shocked this kind of thing would still be happening now, telling the website, “Because I couldn’t believe such blatantly ignorant ads are still happening in 2019, it honestly took me a second to work out what the heck I was looking at.”

On the other side of the argument, many argued that the ad wasn’t racist. In fact, many shared on Twitter that it wasn’t worth getting upset over. One person even called the ad funny.

Burger King has since pulled the ad.

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