Bundil on Shark Tank: Will cryptocurrency investments be easier?

Bundil, an investment app for cryptocurrency, is featured on Shark Tank. Pic credit: ABC

This week on Shark Tank, viewers will be introduced to an investment app that will make cryptocurrency investments easy for everyone. The app, which will be introduced to the sharks by the CEO of the company Dmitri Love, invests small amounts from your transactions into cryptocurrency.

Love, who is an entrepreneur from Addison, Texas, stumbles a bit through his presentation, possibly due to nerves. However, the sharks encourage him to keep going, listening intently to his pitch.

According to Bundil’s website, the app rounds up your transactions to the nearest dollar, investing the remaining amount from your transaction. For example, if you pay debit or credit for your lunch, which costs $5.62, the app will round it up to $7.00 for the purchase, investing the $0.38 in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

You can securely link your Bundle with your debit or credit card, as Bundil is compatible with hundreds of banks. You can track your investments from the app, putting a pause to investments at any time. Users can also withdraw or buy extra at any given time.

Ideally, this app is great for new users who may not know much about cryptocurrency or may just want to get their feet wet without risking their savings.

The app uses Coinbase, a safe and secure exchange, meaning Bundil simply handles the transactions for you. Bundil plans start as low as $2 per month.

According to All Shark Tank Products, Love was on his way to a degree in biochemistry at the University of Arkansas when he was injured playing soccer. The injury interrupted his studies, causing him to spend time recuperating and resting. During this time, he taught himself how to program and started on the path to become a software engineer.

You can download the app from the Apple app store.

Shark Tank airs on Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

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