Bull Season 4 recap: Ratings take a hit, Bull prepares for fatherhood

Freddy Rodriguez Bull
Freddy Rodriguez and Benny Colon on Season 4 of Bull. Pic credit: CBS

Bull Season 4 is currently airing on CBS. The move from a cushy Tuesday night time slot after NCIS has been hard on the show, but like in Season 3, the current installments are airing on Monday nights at 10/9c.

So far, seven episodes of Bull Season 4 have aired on CBS. The program will now have a week off before arriving at the return date of Monday, November 18.

A lot has happened so far in Season 4, but, at the same time, not much character development has been taking place. Still, millions of viewers are tuning in to find out what Bull and his TAC team are up to each week.

While a lot of viewers are still tuning in, the Bull ratings have dipped by about a million viewers on average, when comparing the show to last season. And that’s down just over nine million viewers per episode from the Season 1 averages.

Bull Season 4 recap

During the Season 3 finale, Dr. Jason Bull (played by Michael Weatherly) found out that his ex-wife was pregnant with their child. Isabella Colón (Yara Martinez) appeared in the Season 4 premiere, but she has had almost no additional lines this season. That’s a bit of a disappointment, as it appeared she would be a more regular character.

Benny Colón (Freddy Rodriguez) started out the season still upset with Bull about what he felt was his boss pushing his sister toward a divorce. Bull and Benny got past their issues, with Bull promising to consult with Benny about future cases before deciding to just accept them. That’s been a hit-or-miss premise.

Marissa Morgan (Geneva Carr), Bull’s handler and office manager, has been dealing with problems at home. She found out that her husband couldn’t have kids, but she didn’t tell him the news. Instead, she told him that she didn’t want kids, which led to problems in their marriage. He resents her and a divorce is about to take place.

Chunk Palmer (Chris Jackson) has been trying to start a relationship with his formerly estranged daughter. An important storyline in that regard was that she became pregnant, but didn’t want to have the baby.

Chunk struggled with giving his daughter support for a decision he didn’t agree with and simply being there for her. In the midst of the family drama, he has been working toward becoming a lawyer. He is getting good at it too.

Taylor Rentzel (MacKenzie Meehan) almost got fired. The former homeland security employee wanted the team to take on the case of a woman who had been assaulted, despite Bull and Benny getting close to representing the man who did it. He was an extremely wealthy and powerful man who was going to help the business.

In spite of tricking Bull and Benny into taking the case, Taylor was able to keep her job. She has just become too important for the team to lose.

Outside of the minimal character development from Bull Season 4, the team is on a streak of winning cases. The outlier was one that hung a jury and will be retried later in the season. It involved a woman running a business where she promised a method to deliver clean water to cities.

When Bull Season 4 returns with Episode 8, titled Safe and Sound, later in November, the team will be defending an old college friend of Bull’s in a story right out of the news. One of his kids accidentally kills another one with a handgun belonging to the friend. The friend is then brought up on charges of negligent homicide.

Bull airs Mondays at 10/9c on CBS. 

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