Buddy Bell ‘relapse’: Whitney finds bag of cocaine on My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Buddy Bell during a confessional on My Big Fat Fabulous Life
Buddy Bell has had a rough year. Pic credit: TLC

Buddy Bell has had a rough year. Last season on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, viewers learned that he had a cocaine addiction. Now there are fears that he may have relapsed and fans of the show want to know what’s going on.

It came as a shock to everyone but it explained the behaviors that Buddy had been exhibiting. Not only did it change everything for him, but it also changed everything for Heather Sykes as well.

On the new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Thore visited Buddy Bell while he was in Washington, D.C. From there, he has made his way back to North Carolina.

Things are complicated and Whitney has voiced concern over Buddy being back, especially noting he is back where he could easily score cocaine again.

Does Buddy relapse?

In the previews for the most recent episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, it looks like Whitney Thore finds a bag of what she believes is cocaine.

This is her worst nightmare come true, especially because she has been worried about Buddy Bell being prone to relapse back in North Carolina.

It is no secret that being in recovery comes with highs and lows. Most recently, My Big Fat Fabulous Life viewers saw Buddy Bell call Whitney Thore late at night and she immediately thought the worst. He wasn’t using or drinking, but the phone call scared her.

What’s next for Buddy Bell?

The answers about whether he relapsed and what Whitney Thore found are unclear. It has been a long round for them both and Buddy Bell is working toward living a sober life.

He has been active on social media and since My Big Fat Fabulous Life is filmed months before it airs, it is possible that he is in a much better place.

With the support of his friends and family, Buddy Bell will be able to work through his addiction and recovery one step at a time.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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