Bud Light Super Bowl commercial 2018: The Bud Knight comes to the rescue

The Bud Knight in
The Bud Knight atop his horse in the 2018 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial

Meet The Bud Knight, the star of Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial for 2018!

With a battle raging in a valley and the king’s side getting slaughtered including by a dragon, The Bud Knight makes a grand entrance in a beam of light atop a hillock.

Hopes are raised that all will be saved, but horse-riding savior has a different agenda — “do what must be done” and pick up a 24-pack in the convenience store over yonder.

An arrow-strewn warrior peasant asks: “Hey, Bud Knight…aren’t you going to fight with us?” He replies: “Oh, er, a buddy of mine is having this 30th birthday thing. Hey, if you survive, come by!”

But as The Bud Knight is obviously an awesome guy, he suddenly has a change of heart and jumps off his horse and — risking being late to the party — uses his magic sword to disperse the assailants.

The 2018 Bud Light Super Bowl commercial is the final ad in Bud Light’s “Dilly Dilly” campaign which began last year, and is made by the advertising company Wieden & Kennedy.

What is ‘Dilly Dilly’?

Dilly Dilly is a made-up medieval beer toast, which the advertisement’s creators came up with to tie their new campaign together. It’s basically the fictional world’s version of “cheers”.

There was even a version done with the king saying “Philly Philly” ahead of the game, which was posted by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Watch the 2018 Bud Light Super Bowl commercials

Bud Light were planning to show to “Dilly Dilly” commercials during the big game.

Here is the lead-up one, Ye Olde Pep Talk.


And here is The Bud Knight making his debut!


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