Brush Hero from Shark Tank claims to be the ‘ultimate’ cleaning brush

Kevin Williams from Brush Hero on Shark Tank
Kevin Williams from Brush Hero demonstrates how the brush-and-hose combo works on Shark Tank

Brush Hero from this week’s Shark Tank claims to be the “ultimate” detailing brush — and can be used for getting in some very hard-to-clean places.

The brush was designed for car detailing — like cleaning in between the hubs on wheels — but is now marketed for all sorts of uses, from cleaning bathrooms and garden furniture to barbecues and bicycles. Ever tried to clean between the spokes on a bicycle? If you have, you’ll know how useful a device like this could be.

The Brush Hero works by attaching to a common garden hose and comes with a trigger handle, a flow control switch and the brush attachment which turns as the water passes out of the hose and through a turbine.

Brush Hero and wheel hub
The Brush Hero at work on a wheel hub, where it can be used to clean in hard-to reach places

The good thing about it is that you don’t need anything by the Brush Hero and a hose — it doesn’t need any batteries or electricity.

There are all sorts of different connections and fittings available to suit your needs.

Brush Hero demo

How much does the Brush Hero cost?

The Brush Hero starter set currently costs $34.99, down from $42.99. Various accessories and parts are available at extra cost. There is free Shipping for orders over $40 on the Brush Hero website.

Where can you buy the Brush Hero?

You can buy the Brush Hero on the website as well as Amazon.

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