Brittany Borges: What to know about snake hunter from Guardians of the Glades

Brittany Borges from Guardians of the Glades
Brittany is a glam Guardian of the Glades as she sports a winning smile and lashy lashes while wrangling the invasive snakes. Pic credit: Discovery

Riley, the snake hunting dog, has a rival in the attention-getting department on Discovery’s hit new series Guardian of the Galaxy!

The six-episode series centers on Dusty Crum and his cracking crew which includes Clark, survivalist Tom Cobb, Jay Staff, and his rookie Brittany Borges.

The Crum team are paid to hunt down an invasive species of the Burmese python, wading deep into the mangroves of South Florida. The rookie featured with Dusty on Guardians of the Glades is quite a looker and fans are taking notice.

We interviewed Dusty Crum who talked a bit about his core team, but who is his snake loving wildcard for the “Wildman”?

It turns out it just may be Miss Brittany Borges.

Burmese pythons are slithering all over the Florida Everglades, and the region’s natural wildlife is entirely in the cross-hairs.

They’re eating everything in their path, but Discovery jumped at the chance to produce and feature the work of Dusty “Wild Man” Crum and his team of snake hunters racing to the rescue.

Brittany is the one catching a lot of eyes.

For years, Dusty has been nabbing the invasive pythons from the Everglades with his team of hunters. His series Guardians of the Glades, (which premiered Tuesday, May 28) followed Crum and his fellow python hunters.

Monsters & Critics got an exclusive look at this week’s past episode here featuring Riley the snake hunting dog:

In the fun clip above, Dusty talks about his “other girl” named Riley, the waggy tailed snake hunter extraordinaire.

He says: “You know Riley wasn’t pick of the litter, but you can’t judge a book by its cover. I mean one day I took her to work, and she went and baited up a rattlesnake and an alligator… I started working with her she had a natural ability when she puts her nose to the ground she goes to work.”

But little is known about Brittany Borges, but she is heard saying: “The Pythons have no known natural predators,” in the clip below:

Stay tuned as we have an interview request submitted to find out all about Dusty’s sole female crew member and see how she got into the snake hunting business!

Guardians of the Glades airs Tuesdays on Discovery.

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