Brittainy Taylor’s boyfriend Jon Stone from Very Cavallari: Everything you need to know

Jon Stone bio and net worth
Jon Stone and Brittainy Taylor are filming Very Cavallari together. Pic credit: E!

During last night’s season finale of Very Cavallari, Jon Stone and his girlfriend Brittainy Taylor talked about the future. While both agree it’s time to take the next step, they appear to be in disagreement about what that is. Brittainy proposed a baby during last week’s episode, while Jon appears to be thinking more about a wedding.

While Brittainy is a key figure in Kristin Cavallari’s company, Uncommon James, working as the head of operations, Jon Stone is only really on the show during their alone time and he likes to film in the studio.

As it turns out, he’s a successful musician. He plays country music and is half of the band, American Young. He formed the band with Kristy Osmunson, who used to be a fiddle player for Bomshel.

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Yahoo reports that Stone had no intentions of playing in a band when he met Osmunson, as he was working as a songwriter and producer at the time. But the magic happened during a jam session, and the two decided to form a band back in 2013.

They are currently signed to Curb Records, and their studio album, AY, was released on August 5, 2016. The band has also released an extended play album released on June 24, 2014, called American Young, and two singles in 2013 and 2014.

“Well I really enjoy making records and writing but when I met Kristy and we started singing together and creating music, I realized that I had to make this a priority. I’ve always been an artist. I just never had such a perfect storm to express it,” Jon told Yahoo about changing his mind and pursuing a band with Kristy.

American Young - "Love Is War" (Official Music Video)

Kristy is married, so Brittainy has nothing to worry about with Jon starting a romance with his fellow band member. In fact, Kristy addressed their dynamic in that same Yahoo interview.

“Well, my husband even says that Jon and I argue like an old married couple.  But to be honest, I think the fact that we aren’t romantically involved is the thing that is going to make us last for a really long time.  As far as musical chemistry goes, Jon and I are extremely passionate about what we do on a spiritual level.  I believe in the pure and honest delivery of communicating emotion through a musical experience,” she noted.

In case fans are wondering whether Jon and Brittainy are still together, he recently posted a photo of them camping.

While Brittainy is 30 years old, Jon Stone is actually 41. He was born on February 18, 1978 and according to reports his net worth is between $100,000 and $1,000,000. It’s uncertain whether he gets a paycheck for filming Very Cavallari.

His net worth may come from his songwriting skills, as he has an impressive resume with famous names.

“I’ve written songs for Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Billy Gilman, Crossin Dixon, Rascal Flatts, Hank Williams Jr., Rhett Akins, Chris Young, Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann, Tyler Farr, Blake Wise, Andy Griggs and Jessica Andrews and many others,” reveals his Facebook page, which is also his official website at present time.

His Facebook page also reveals that he’s currently living in Nashville, Tennessee and his official title is singer, songwriter, and producer. He’s originally from Eugene, Oregon.

His parents’ names are Arlene Marcello-Stone and Ron Stone. The two are divorced. His mother used to work with the U.S. Federal Government, but is retired and lives in Nashville close to her son. His father Ron was a professional baseball player. Ron played in the Major Leagues, playing for Kansas City Athletics and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Very Cavallari Season 2 has wrapped for the season with Sunday’s episode being the season finale. Season 3 has yet to be confirmed by E!

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