Bringing Up Bates: Home alone as Kelly Jo and Gil take a trip

Bringing Up Bates
The family have a video chat tonight on Bringing Up Bates

On tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates – the kids are left in charge whilst Kelly Jo and Gil take a trip to Niagara Falls for some down time.

As the kids are left to their own devices will they be able to cope with the responsibilities?

Luckily mum and dad keep in touch using FaceTime and get an update on how things are going.

Lawson tells them things are going pretty good but “that some of the kids got sick” and that it is “a good thing you’re not here too or you’d get sick too.”

Kelly Jo is sorry they are sick saying: “I hate we deserted you guys.”

Kell Jo and Gil at Niagara Falls
Kelly Jo and Gil looking happy to get some couple time at Niagara Falls

Just how hard it is to chat with 15 of their 19 kids on a video call is all too apparent, I know I have enough trouble with FaceTime and two kids!

The kids tell them not to worry and just concentrate on having fun.

On a more personal note Kelly Jo says as the kids have gotten older she sometimes forget that her and Gil need some alone time.

The older girls think video chat is great, saying they don’t know what their mum would do without it.

It remains to be seen whether there house will still resemble the same place they left when they get back!

New episodes of Bringing Up Bates air Thursdays at 9pm on UP.

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