Bringing Up Bates: Organising a party isn’t easy with THIS many kids

Lawson eyes up the strawberries ahead of the party on tonight’s Bringing Up Bates

On Bringing Up Bates tonight, it emerges that organising a party in a household full of kids is anything but easy — especially when there’s food involved.

John and Alyssa’s daughter Allie Jane is turning one while Carlin, who shares the same birthday, is turning 18.

But with a big bash planned there’s got to be lots of food. Trouble is, when there’s that many hungry little mouths around everything you put together for the actual events get eaten almost as fast as you make it!

Case in point is some white chocolate-dipped strawberries, which Alyssa is trying to prepare for the guests at her little girl’s big day.

A preview clip from tonight’s episode shows her stress understandably building as she tries to get them laid out on the table — only to find they are getting gobbled up by pretty much everyone. And the party hasn’t even started yet!

Lucky for Alyssa, head of the family Gil has the smart idea of suggesting a trip to the park — leaving her with some space to actually make some headway with the preparations.

Also on tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates, titled Birthdays and Boyfriends, Gil and Kelly Jo take the opportunity to meet the family of Tori’s boyfriend Bobby Smith.

Bringing Up Bates sneak peak

Bringing Up Bates Season 4 Episode 9 trailer

Bringing Up Bates is on Thursdays at 9pm on Up.

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