Bringing Up Bates: Lawson duets with The Voice star Emily Ann Roberts

Lawson, left, and Kelly Ann Roberts singing their duet on tonight's Bringing Up Bates
Lawson, left, and Kelly Ann Roberts singing their duet on tonight’s Bringing Up Bates

On tonight’s Bringing Up Bates, we finally get to see Lawson singing a duet with The Voice star Emily Ann Roberts.

The collaboration formed just days before Lawson was set to lay down the track, when his songwriting group suggested it would be good to get a female vocal on board too.

Step in Emily Ann, the runner-up from Season 9 of The Voice in 2015, when she was a member of Team Blake.

On tonight’s episode the pair head into the recording studio in Nashville to record the track — which is all about break-ups, much to the bemusement of Lawson’s brothers.

However, they are impressed that he managed to land Emily Ann as his collaborator.

Jackson, 12, says: “Lawson is known for talking big but lining up the runner-up from The Voice is a pretty big deal.”

But will the pair hit the right note or will the duet fall flat?

Mum Kelly Jo says: “The timing of this CD has been phenomenal for both Lawson and Emily Ann. It’s really encouraging to see how God has let everything pan out.”

Lawson said: “I got with my writing group literally two days before we went into the studio, and I said ‘I’ve written this song that I really love. But I just can’t seem to close it out.'”

Kelly Jo added: “Really it was a heart-break song, and the songwriters suggested ‘you really should have a female vocal singing part of this song so that you have both perspectives — the guy and the girl.'”

The tune starts: “Standing here on the side of the road, wondering where I’m gonna go. Watching tail-lights fading fast…”

Watch a clip below.


Also on tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates, titled Bates Dish it Out, the super-sized family head to an all-you-can-eat buffet to munch down some grub.

But are they up to the belly-busting task ahead?

Bringing Up Bates airs Thursdays at 9pm on Up.




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